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DKM is a Group of Companies, working towards the improvement of Health related Products and Services. It has been actively participating in the pharmaceutical business with Sales & Marketing efforts, with the venture of different International and Multinational Companies since 1998 AD. It has extended its approach from directly importing Goods & Services from abroad up to marketing & selling them with the help of the Efficient Sales and marketing team through a chain of distributors and retailers across the country.


 DKM now is probably a No. 1 Marketer and Seller of IV fluids. After the entry in Pharmaceutical field with quality product basket of IV fluids and nutrition ranges of Claris Life Sciences, DKM has diversified its business into Oncology with the tie up of Biocon, Celon, Biochem, Naprod, Natco etc. After which, it has been able to deliver complete range of anti cancer drugs in the affordable price to the needy. Now DKM has made its Portfolio stronger with the additional venture of different Pharmaceutical Giants - Baxter for Nutrition Therapy, CAPD system, HD Dialyzer; Edwards and Kawasumi for Anesthesia devices, Biochem for total need of antibiotic injection for critical condition and oral PPI, US company Demetech for the range of Surgical sutures and staplers, Baxter and Kawasumi for total HD system solution and devices, Kimberly Clark for Ultra Modern Surgical Gowns, drapes and Intguseal.


DKM is focused on providing high quality medicines at affordable prices. As the country may lack recourses to produce certain drugs and devices, DKM believes that the newly developed pharmaceutical drugs, devices and services abroad must promptly be available in Nepal at a reasonable cost across the country.DKM is proud to announce its plan for diversifying its participation in the area of Hospital and Academic Institution related to Health care Industry.


As a responsible corporate citizen, DKM is  conscious of its duty towards various sections of the society; it  nurtures youths by providing opportunities of Job, new skills and building talents; runs a charitable distribution of emergency medicines; works closely with NGOs by way of assistance and supports for Cancer patients.



“DKM is committed to bring the best Pharmaceutical, Medicinal and Academic services to Nepalese Health Care Industry either by venturing with the world’s renowned leader of the field or by producing inside the country at its own adopting the latest technology, procedure and the system of the field to make the Healthcare -first possible and then affordable to every Nepalese patient.”



“We want to be the Nepal’s No 1 Health Care Company to work with for every members of the system i.e. employee, doctors, nurses, patients, business partners and to the society.”