Anticoagulants and Cardiovascular Agents

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Therapeutic Category Sub-Category Generic Name Brand Name Presentation
Anticoagulants and Cardiovascular Agents LMWH Enoxapirin Sodium Injection- 40 mg Cutena 40 mg PFS
LMWH Enoxapirin Sodium Injection- 60 mg Cutena 60 mg PFS
UFH Heparin Sodium Injection 25000 IU HEP25 5 ml Vial
Flushing Solution Heparin lock Flush Solution 10 IU Heplock 10 ml Vial
Heparin Antagonist Protamine Sulfate Injection 10 mg/ml Neutrahep 5 ml Ampoule
Antiplatelet Agent Tirofiban Hydrochloride Injection 5 mg/ 100 ml GP2BAN 100 ml Glass Bottle
monoclonal antibodies Trastuzumab Lyophilized power for Concentrate for solution for infusion 440 mg Vivtra 440 mg (Multi-use vial ) Vial